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Our story

As a third-generation entrepreneur, Michael Clagett had his own home building company in early adulthood. He worked for another company during an economic downtown, but at the request of his client base, he and a business partner founded Firelight Homes in 2013.

They started Firelight Homes with a commitment to transparent expectations regarding finish, performance, responsibility, and financial management of the home building process. The team had a mission to do home building better: to be caretakers, not just builders. 

Over the years, the Firelight Homes team has built both homes and relationships, creating friends for life out of clients. Clients in Rabun County, Lake Oconee, Burton, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, and more have chosen Firelight Homes for full transparency on the frontend and an enjoyable home building process.

“If it can be done, we can do it,” says Michael. “Possibilities are limitless. Every day is something unique and every job is unique. It’s an exciting time to be building.”

Every day is something unique, and every job is unique. It’s an exciting time to be building.

Michael Clagett

Founder and President

Core Values



We’re committed to quality craftsmanship that exceeds expectations from curb appeal to every corner in every room.



We involve our clients in each step of the home building process with fully-visible schedules, designs, builds, and budgets.



Our team doesn’t skip any details, no matter how small. We carefully plan and craft each project to create the homes of our clients’ dreams.


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